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Weather Report - Conditions for Muscat, MU at 12:48 am GST
Currently 30°C
High 35°C
Low 29°C

2 Day Forecast
Wed Clear
High: 35°C Low: 29°C
Thu Sunny
High: 35°C Low: 28°C
Fri Sunny
High: 35°C Low: 28°C
Sat Sunny
High: 35°C Low: 28°C
Sun Sunny
High: 34°C Low: 28°C
More Current Condition Details
High 35°C
Low 29°C
Wind Chill 30°C
Wind Speed 0 km/h
Wind Direction 0
Sunrise 5:59 am
Sunset 5:52 pm
Latitude 23.58
Longitude 58.28

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<FONT color=#FF6600>Muscat Sports Oman 5-Aside Football Tournament Muscat Sports Oman 5-Aside Football Tournament
Muscat Sports Oman 5-Aside Football Tournament is an event intended to take place annually. Its objective is to establish an environment where a great number of good football players in Oman can meet under the same umbrella. An umbrella that gives everyone an opportunity to play the most popular sport ......

Muscat Sports Oman 5-Aside Football Tournament 2008 starts in July.



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Student union takes Mugabe to court
Zimbabwe students union takes President Robert Mugabe to court over the awarding of a controversial doctorate of philosophy degree to Grace Mugabe.

Appeals judge affirms ruling on Rwanda genocide crimes
The UN-backed tribunal for Rwanda upheld life sentences for two former heads of the ex-ruling party for genocide crimes committed in 1994.

Zimbabwe students view PhD for president's wife as an 'insult'
The Zimbabwe National Students Union condemns university Vice-Chancellor Professor Levi Nyagura for condoning Grace Mugabe's bogus doctorate.

Drug trials go to heart of Ebola
As healthcare systems collapse from the strain, the race is on to find a treatment that works.

Chad rides wave of homophobia in Africa
Chad has followed the likes of Uganda in outlawing homosexuality in a recent wave of homophobia on the African continent.

Police keep Tsvangirai in their sights
Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai may want to up his street cred, but he'll have to find a way to leave the house first.

TB Joshua's church: Built, like others, on shifting sands
Scaffolding for hire is just a small sign of a large informal industry.

Battling Zanu-PF calls in its debts
It's payback time for those who can't afford to say no to the ruling party preparing for its congress.

Taxpayers expected to rescue Zimbabwe's Reserve Bank
Political largesse broke the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe; now the state wants the public to fill up the coffers, but they are not amused.

Dr Grace brings disgrace
The questionable award of a doctorate to the first lady threatens to tarnish the University of Zimbabwe's reputation.

ICC to investigate Central African Republic atrocities
The International Criminal Court has opened a formal investigation into an "endless list" of atrocities committed in the Central African Republic.

Sierra Leone Ebola quarantine affects over one million
While Nigeria's president has declared his country Ebola-free, 1.2-million people have been affected by a quarantine in Sierra Leone.

Ramaphosa returns to Lesotho, pursues mandate for peace restoration
Cyril Ramaphosa is set to return to Maseru to encourage a regional mandate to help restore stability to the country following an attempted coup.

Nigerian president visits collapsed building site, vows to investigate
President Goodluck Jonathan has vowed to investigate the cause of a building collapse, which has left at least 86 dead.

'Non-cooperative' Kenyatta delays ICC trial again
President Uhuru Kenyatta has been summoned by the International Criminal Court for his role in election-related violence, but he has not co-operated.

TB Joshua: Profile of an accomplished performer
In 2011, "prophet" TB Joshua was third on the Forbes list of Nigeria's five richest pastors with a net worth estimated at close to $15-million.

Ebola health workers found dead in Guinea
Eight people who were running Ebola workshops in a remote area of Guinea have been found dead after being attacked by locals, says the government.

Impoverished Zim squeezes poor
Desperate government even removes rebates on foodstuffs imported by welfare groups.

Mugabe caps Grace with a doctorate
Doubt has been cast on the authenticity of the first lady's PhD, which bolsters her bid for a top party post.

Weighty role of the Zim diaspora requires re-examination
The Zimbabwe diaspora continues to play second fiddle in the country's politics and has remained at the mercy of various political agendas.
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